The high sited plateau Renon

Enjoy the soft natural landscape, the never-ending expanse and impressive panoramic views. Renon is the place where summer holidays were invented. Due to the sunny exposition and to the altitude the climate is mild and therefore perfect for vacations.

Here you will find the best view of the Dolomites and much more: nature culture and the possibility to practice a great variety of sports.

Renon is the denomination for the high sited plateau located between the two Isarco and Talvera Rivers, to the north of the provincial capital of Bolzano in South Tyrol. On the altitude between 800 and 1,500 meters, there are sited the locations named Collalbo, Longomoso, Soprabolzano, Longostagno and Vanga.

Church St. Nikolaus at Monte di Mezzo
Church St. Nikolaus at Monte di Mezzo

In 1907, Renon opened its doors to tourists with its first rag railway. Despite a long tradition in tourism, Renon has kept its original touch. This is one of the reasons, why families and hikers simply feel at home here.

The culture of the Renon is maintained with many traditional religious processions and other festivals. There are also ancient frescoes in some of the churches, and in Longomoso stands the "Kommende" of the Deutsche Orden where travellers in medieval times were cared for.

The Renon railway connects the villages Soprabolzano, Costalovara, Lichtenstern and Collalbo. The Renon cable car is particularly useful for commuters and tourists.

Apiculture Museum

Sweet treats in the Apiculture Museum. The spotlight is on busy, humming swarms of bees and their delicious honey on the Plattnerhof farmstead.

The Renon earth pyramids

The Renon earth pyramids are the highest and best formed in Europe. They are a phenomenon of erosion, formed from glacial moraines.


The Corno del Renon mountain is the highest point on the Renon and is the most beautiful look-out point in the heart of South Tyrol with beautiful views of the Dolomites.

Best ski runs in uncontaminated nature: you will find every kind of slope from the broad easier slope with astonishing view over the mountain ranges to the comfortable snowed meadows and woods and the more intense and difficult slopes for ski athletes and passionate slope hunters.

On the Renon you will find the best places for ice skating, ranging from natural lakes like the Lake Wolfsgruben to the internationally known and appreciated Ice Rink of the Renon in Collalbo.

The beautiful surroundings in the winter with their fantastic natural ice and lakes are all easily reachable and render best ice skating resorts.

The Dolomites

Climbing in the best known and spectacular mountains in the Alps

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Sciliar plateau
Sciliar plateau

The highest plateau in Europe, situated in the middle of the Dolomites

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Lake Monticolo
Bolzano surroundings

Cycle paths, lake Caldaro and lake Monticolo, the castles

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Merano's Alta Via
Merano's Alta Via

The path 24 encompasses the reserve of the Tessa mountains

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