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Rittner Horn - Corno del Renon

Ski area and hiking area Corno del Renon

The Corno del Renon (2260 m) mountain is the highest point on the Renon and is the most beautiful look-out point in the heart of South Tyrol with beautiful views of the Dolomites. A cable car leads into the mountain and from there the summit can be reached in just an hour.

It is worth a visit during the summer, as well as in winter months. 360 degrees of panoramic views. Corno del Renon is the ideal destination for nature enthusiasts, an ideal starting point for hikes at all times of the year. The Renon is perfect for children's holidays, with easy hiking.

Corno del Renon
Corno del Renon

Apart from the 15 km of pistes, there is also a toboggan run, a snowboard-park, cross-country tracks and snowshoeing trails connecting the Horn with the Villanderer Alm.

The Corno del Renon is a highly popular and varied mountain ski area during the winter months, with wide slopes ideal for any skier who is not in search of an extreme sports challenge. It is an excellent destination for leisure skiers who enjoy skiing in the sun whilst also being a stunning natural backdrop for cross-country skiers.

You will enjoy skiing at the Corno del Renon ski area (1530 - 2260 m). The spacious slopes are suitable for beginners and particularly attractive to families. The breathtaking views of the nearby Dolomites are a particularly appealing attraction.

It is easy to reach the 2.5 km long challenging sledging run with the scenic cableway.

Enjoy the winter sun on the natural cross-country trail in Corno del Renon. Beginners will find the 5 km long run to the Schönalm Alpine hut to their liking, whilst those in search of more challenging route can take the 35 km long cross-country run to the summit of Corno del Renon. You can view the fantastic view of the surrounding mountains all over the slopes.

Enjoy hiking on the sunny high Alpine plateau and the walks with scenic views of the surrounding mountains. Explore the winter world at 2000 m above sea level on the snowshoes. An unforgettable experience with stunning views of the Dolomite mountains.

The Corno del Renon is also ideal for ice skaters. All ice skaters are sure to enjoy an ice speed skating experience at one of the speediest open-air ice rinks in the world as well as delight in the snow-capped winter landscape and pristine nature around the idyllic Costalovara Lake.