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Schreibmaschinenmuseum - Museo macchina da scrivere

Typewriter Museum Peter Mitterhofer in Parcines

The Typewriter Museum in Parcines is dedicated to the inventor and pioneer Peter Mitterhofer, who in this village developed the first prototype of the typewriter. It is a museum of the world.

In 1998, in remembrance of its famous citizen Peter Mitterhofer, inventor of the typewriter, the municipality of Partschins has set up a museum, with the help of typewriter collector Kurt Ryba who gave his precious collection "for all times and as an inalienable cultural heritage".

With over 2000 objects, of which 400 are shown in the exhibition and about 1600 in a special showroom, the museum gives a good understanding of over 120 years of history of the typewriter, starting with its invention by Peter Mitterhofer on 1864 up to the 80's of the 20th century when the computer definitely replaces the typerwriter.

Peter Mitterhofer lived from 1822 to 1893 in the Tyrolean village Parcines where in 1864 he invented the typerwriter. He constructed 5 typerwriters, two of them mainly made of wood and characters made of needles and three made of metal and metal types.

He twice went to Vienna to ask support to the emperor Franz Joseph Ist. It was tragical for Mitterhofer that the emperor's adepts would not recognize the significance and the value of his invention, wherefore it was not taken advantage of. Resigned he retired to his home village where he died in lonelyness.


Typewriter Museum Peter Mitterhofer
Piazza della Chiesa 10
I-39020 Parcines

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