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Hiking tours and mountain huts in Merano and environs

Merano and the surrounding countryside is characterised by breath-takingly high mountains and the pathways beside the unique irrigation streams called "Waalwege".

An excursion in mountains around Merano is an unforgettable experience. In a blink you are out of the woods. The breathtaking view makes you feel as though you can just snatch at the crosses marking the mountain peaks.

In June the alpine roses are in all their glory. It's high season for hikers and mountain lovers and the perfect time to discover the Nature Park Gruppo di Tessa excursion area or enjoy the sunshine along the beautiful irrigation channel paths.

There's so much to explore along the way, and stops at Alpine huts are a treat, to rest and tuck into delicious Tyrolean fare "speck", homemade cheese with local bread.

Those in search of relaxation can flee to the side valleys, such as Ultental - Ultimo valley with its original sunburnt wooden farmhouses, or Passeiertal - Passiria valley, a small Alpine cosmos with high pass routes, all strongly influenced by the traditional Alpine farming culture which is just as alive today as it was centuries ago.

The mountain walking area around Mt. Ivigna and Mt. Punta Cervina offers a broad range of unique natural phenomenon. Either if you are at the peak in the early morning to enjoy the sunrise, or if you make a leisurely walk through the meadows, woods and high-mountain region in order to stop at an old mountain inn, they will all remain unforgettable impressions.

  • Suggested hikes on the Plateau of Avelengo.
  • Hiking tours in Passiria valley: Over 300 km of hiking trails offer something for everyone, with leisurely walks along the river Passirio or challenging climbs in the mountains of the Gruppo di Tessa.
  • Maso Corto in Senales valley is the starting point of numerous pleasant and demanding hiking tours of all degrees of difficulty.

Merano High Mountain Trail

The Merano High Mountain Trail (Merano's Alta Via) with an amazing panoramic view, you can admire Venosta valley, the Merano basin, Passiria valley, the Alps of Sarentino, Stubaital and Ötztal. The funicular of Tirolo Hochmuth and the chairlift of Vellau, access to Nature Park Gruppo di Tessa excursion area.