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Neumarkt - Egna

Egna in South Tyrol

The village Egna (218 m) lies in the sunny Southern part of South Tyrol, near the German linguistic boundary. Egna is a small medieval village with pleasant, Mediterranean climate.

Egna offers the tourists a large variety of possibilities to enjoy their holidays. With strolling under the picturesque arcades, the guests can either follow historical tracks.

Egna is rich in treasures of the past and well-preserved architectural monuments in Venetian style which certainly will be a highlight for culture and art lovers.

The Romans settled down at the Domus Mansio Endidae along the Via Claudia Augusta.


At the south of Egna, in Laghetti, the famous path of Albrecht Dürer starts. The great German artist had to escape from a flood of the river Adige by taking an alternative way over the mountains to proceed his travel to Venice.