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Auer - Ora

Ora in South Tyrol

The village Ora (244 m) lies on the West side of the Adige valley in South Tyrol, bathed in the tidy vineyards and apple-orchards.

Homesteads with flowers at the balconies, narrow lanes with old stonewalls, trees and flowers everywhere characterise the village of Ora.

Because of the Mediterranean subtropical climate you find a huge variety of different plants, even lemon trees and palms.

At Ora you can find everything you need for a refreshing holiday: the country tranquillity, Rio Nero, ideal for sport and relaxation, and the cycle path.

In the church of St. Peter you can admire the oldest organ in the whole area of the Alps.

Castelfeder, the ruins of Castle Leiter, Castle d'Ora, Castle Baumgarten represent the physical remains of past settlements. Waterfall and "Katzenleiter" trail.