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ArcheoParc in Senales valley

Life in Ötzi's times, in the ArcheoParc, in the Senales valley near Merano (South Tyrol). Ötzi is in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano.

Baking bread, archery, moulding pottery, working flint and leather in the museum and open air exhibition we can discover the essential skills which Ötzi and his Neolithic contemporaries needed to survive in the New Stone Age. All within view of the Tisen Joch pass, where Ötzi met his death.

The ArcheoParc is located in the villagge of Unser Frau in Schnals 1,500 meters above sea level. The Tisenjoch, the place where the Iceman was found, can be seen from the museum building and from the whole Parc area.

What is striking for the first archaeological activities museum of South Tyrol is the unusual building. The concept of the construction of the house was inspired by Neolithic wooden buildings.

The museum building forms the fictitious entrance to the Tisenjochh and the place of discovery.

Topics related to the oldest traces of human beings in the Alps up to the times of the Iceman and his way of life and economic system are displayed along the way.

The open area of the Parc is a reconstruction of the habitat with old species of grain in the field, houses built following the structures of archaeological findings, a fish pond and a lot more.

Hands-on experiences and individual discovery of forms of life in prehistoric times in a major goal.

Courses and guided tours help to expand on the knowledge gained through self discovery.

Ötzi Show Gallery

The Ötzi Show Gallery directly at the cable-car mountain station (Grawand) tells everything about the man from the ice.

Display panels and plenty of pictures reveal life as it was 5300 years ago. Life-size Ötzi with all his weapons and tools.


Via Katharina Lanz 90
I-39020 Val Senales

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