Plata in Passiria valley

The peaceful mountain village of Plata (1146 m) lies on the plateau at the foot of the Val di Plan Valley and is beloved for its healthy forests filled with mushrooms: clear mountain air, brightly colored meadows in summer and hiking tours at any time of the year.

The highly visible St. Ursula church, built on a rocky outcrop, and the medieval clergy residence bear witness to the rich ecclesiastical history of Plata, which is closely linked to the Benedictine order and the Marienberg monastery in Venosta Valley.

In Plata, alongside historical buildings, there are also numerous natural monuments: the glacial mills testify to the immense geological effects of the prehistoric glacier stream. Throughout the forested slopes in Plata, visitors can find a dozen of these cylindrical pits, sunk deep into the rocks.

In the surrounding area there are many other notable botanical features: so-called spherical ancient larch trees, resulting from their low growth height and the spherical form of their tree tops. You can reach them via a well-signposted circuit trail.

Plata - Platt in Passiria Valley near the Mine Schneeberg in South Tyrol.

Stieber waterfall

The spectacular Stieber waterfall plunges down in two stages, from 19 m and 18 m, attracting visitors of every age. The Pfeldererbach torrent flows through the localities of Moso and Plata.

The hiking trail 1B leading to the Stieber waterfall starts right from the center of the village of Plata and ends in the passer gorge.

The Plata glacial mills

The 20,000 year-old Plata glacier mills are a natural wonder not to be missed.

The millennial larches

This journey into the prehistoric era begins right in Plata. Starting from the village square take trail no. 6 through the woods, crossing the meadows. Following trail no. 10 continue uphill to the village of Farmazon at the entrance of the valley as far as the striking millennial larches. These giant trees have a thousand year history. The return follows trail no. 24 leading to Tasach above Plata before heading back to the starting point.

The MuseumPasseier

The Museum Passeier is located on the farm of the Tyrolean patriot Andreas Hofer, the Sandhof Inn. The Jaufenburg Castle is part of the Museum.

The Adventure mine Schneeberg Monteneve

The St. Martin am Schneeberg settlement is a former village for miners working at the Schneeberg Monteneve mine and can only be reached on foot. Today the shelter, exhibition and the mine itself document the history of one of the most important lead and zinc mines in Tyrol.


The Ski Resort of Plan can guarantee a large amount of natural snow, and has slopes that cater for all tastes and experience levels.

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