The MuseumPasseier & Andreas Hofer

The MuseumPasseier is located on the farm of the Tyrolean patriot Andreas Hofer, the Sandhof Inn, in the village S. Leonardo in Passiria. The main focus of the museum is Andreas Hofer and the Tyrolean rebellion of 1809.

It focuses on the turbulent times of the Napoleonic Era, and illuminates the life of the man who entered history as freedom fighter who dared to oppose Napoleon.

The MuseumPasseier features an animated documentary film, many original objects on display, a multimedia show and personal items that belonged to Andreas Hofer and his ancestors.


The ethnographical collection in the museum's barn depicts the conditions of the traditional farmers' life of 1800, and exhibits many original show-pieces from the time. There is a collection of the history and folklore of the valley as well as numerous agricultural implements.

There are branches at Jaufenburg castle and Pfistradalm.

Heroes & Hofer

The museum tells the story of Andreas Hofer in an entertaining and ironic way, placing him in the context of old as well as very new heroes.

Heroes & Us

The exhibition "Heroes & Us" is the extension to "Heroes & Hofer". The exhibition presents large light cones to illuminate the fascinating topic of the function of role models. Who do we look up to? Why do we need heroes? And what about our own courage? This is an exhibition that can tell us a lot about ourselves.

Andreas Hofer

The most famous historical character of Passiria valley is Andreas Hofer, Tyrolese militant for freedom. He was the son of a host-farmer and was born on November 22, 1767 at S. Leonardo in Passiria (at Sandhof). He fought against Napoleon in the Bergisel battles.

In the Tyrolean freedom wars of 1809 he led his countrymen to victory three times in the fight against Napoleon's troops, and became commander-in-chief of the Tyrolean army. However, a further uprising after the Treaty of Schönbrunn ended in their defeat at Bergisel near Innsbruck.

Andreas Hofer fled to the Pfandler Alm above S. Martino in Passiria, but was betrayed, captured and executed by firing squad in Mantova in northern Italy on 20th February 1810.

Books and movies tell the story of his courage, battles, flight on the Pfandler Alm, arrest due to the betrayal of a confidant and his death by shooting at Mantova. Every year South Tyrol commemorates his death on 20th February (1810) with solemn ceremonies.

The Pfistrad Alm Museum

Located at an altitude of 1,350 m, the Pfistrad Alm is a living museum, which can only be reached on foot (an approx. 90 min. walk). The exhibits on display illustrate life in the Middle Ages and the Alpine farming traditions of the past.

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