Bunker Mooseum, the Bunker Museum in Moso

The Bunker Mooseum in Moso in Passiria is a special museum. The bunker dates to the 1940s and houses an exhibition about the region in general and the Nature Park Gruppo di Tessa in particular, as well as local history, the evolution of settlement in the rear Passiria Valley and the bunker itself.

The entire family will enjoy the walking tour, providing exciting facts in a unique environment, which invites you to explore the region further.

Today, the bunker's tunnels escort visitors on a journey through time "From the ice age to the future".

Come face to face with an ibex: the surrounding green area is home to these extraordinary animals and offers a chance of an up-close look at them.

Home of the information center for the Nature Park Gruppo di Tessa, the glass tower of the Bunker Mooseum presents a wealth of little-known and fun facts about the park.

The circular tour through the Bunker Mooseum concludes with an insight into the history of the Monteneve - Schneeberg mines, a fascinating journey back to events that took place at an altitude of 2,355 m, in what was formerly Europe's highest mining settlement.

The gorge of the Passirio river

A visit to the Bunker Mooseum is also an excellent opportunity to take a hike down the remarkable Passirio river gorge, which winds its way to the village of S. Leonardo. The trail from Moso to San Leonardo passes through the breath-taking gorge of the Passirio river. Over the bridges and suspended walkways, one is surrounded by protruding rocks, overlooking the river and the Stulles waterfall.

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