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Schenna - Scena

Scena in South Tyrol

Scena (600 m) is a quiet modern tourism place in South Tyrol, but it is also characterized by history. As soon as you reach the place, a cosy atmosphere will surround you. Historical buildings, clean dressed up facades and modern hotel accomodations. The diversity on a confined space gives Scena its unmistakable charm.

The deepest point of the local area is situated at 400 metres above sea level of the almost 2800 metres high Hirzer peak.

Scena is an extremely sunny spot, an ideal place for your holiday in the southern warmth and the Tyrolean ambient. Here you have cypresses and palm-trees, there you have the snow-covered mountain, which is more than two thousand metres high.

Two names are closely linked with this history: Petermann and Archduke Johann.

Petermann, who managed the office of the territory on behalf of the Tyrolean sovereign prince, erected himself a monument as architect of the Castle of Schenna. When the sovereign princess Margarethe Maultasch confirmed him in his office of judge in 1363, he became one of the mightiest lords in the country.

The second name is Archduke Johann of Austria. In the middle of the 19th century he acquired the Castle of Schenna. The widely visible Mausoleum is his last resting place.

The mountain walking area around Mt. Ivigna and Mt. Punta Cervina offers a broad range of unique natural phenomenon. Either if you are at the peak in the early morning to enjoy the sunrise, or if you make a leisurely walk through the meadows, woods and high-mountain region in order to stop at an old mountain inn, they will all remain unforgettable impressions.