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Geopark Bletterbach Gorge

In the Bletterbach Gorge, which is 400 metres deep and situated between the villages of Aldino and Redagno in South Tyrol, visitors will discover stratums in various colours, offering insight into the unique build-up of the Dolomites.

Geo-Giant in the Bletterbach Gorge near Aldino. The adventurous trail through the massive rocky gorge turns out to be a journy through the history of the earth.

Since the end of the ice-age the gorge has been offering a view into the interior of the mountains, into the world of stones. The result of weathering and erosion, the gorge gives insight into events and life many millions of years ago.

Over a section of about 8 kilometres, the Bletterbach has been carving its way since the ice-age, about 15,000 years ago, up to 400 m into different eras in the history of the earth.

Layer upon layer is exposed. Ten billion tonnes of stone were removed and carried down into the Val d'Adige Valley. Now we can leaf through the history in the Bletterbach gorge as if it were a book.

Tracks of prehistoric reptiles provide evidence of a time when the region was marked by volcanic action and widespread deserts.

Evidence from the past: tracks of prehistoric reptiles, impressions of parts of plants and many traces of animal activity (eating, burrowing), provide information about the flora and fauna on land. Fossils in maritime deposits, such as mussels, snails and cephalopods tell us about life in the warm tropical seas of the time.

The Visitor Centre vividly presents each process that led to the creation of the rock strata in the Bletterbach gorge.

Bletterbach Canyon
Bletterbach Canyon

Geo Museum

The Geo Museum in Redagno presents additional information in an enjoyable way.