Hiking tours

Hiking tours and mountain huts in Venosta valley

An excursion in Venosta valley is an unforgettable experience. Even the lightest and easiest of excursions will grant an encompassing view of all the most imposing peaks around you.

In a blink you are out of the woods. Brilliant alpine roses are in bloom along brooks and streams. The breathtaking view makes you feel as though you can just snatch at the crosses marking the mountain peaks.

Venosta valley
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Rock climbing on the Sonnenberg face in the Ortles and Cevedale mountain range massif. The mountains surrounding Laces and Martello are a paragliding haven.

Hiking wouldn't be half as wonderful without genuine farmhouse smoked bacon. A crunchy Vinschgau apple must never be missing from hiker rukksacks. In the homeland of the "Vinschgerl": these rolls taste naturally good.

Vermoi peak (2,929 m)

From S. Martino in Monte (1,740 m) over the Alpl (2,000 m), take trails nos. 6/8/9 until you reach the mountain summit cross. Dreamlike views of the Ortles range glacier.

Track time: 3 hours

Altitude difference: 1,989 m

Orgel - Laaser peak (3305 m)

From the Stallwies farmyard entrance in Martello valley (1,950 m) climb trail no. 5 until you reach the mountain summit cross. A sunrise adventure excursion.

Track time: 4 hours

Altitude difference: 1355 m

Pedertall - Martell

A round trail in the Stelvio National Park. From the Enzian lodge (2,076 m), take trail nos. 20 and 33, then descend trail no. 10 to the Lyfi mountain pasture. From here, a road through the woods leads you back to the starting point. Enjoy still primitively untouched high valley surroundings.

Track time: 4-5 hours

Altitude difference: 408 m

Triple Mountain Pasture Walk Tour

Crossing the Tarsch, Latsch and Morter mountain pastures at Monte Tramontana by taking the Malga di Tarres chair lift in Laces. From the upper chair lift station take the Tarsch mountain pasture trail no. 9 to the Latsch mountain pasture. Next, take trail no. 12 across Törbrunn to the Morter mountain pasture. Descend to Burgaun on trail no. 14. Return journey by bus to Laces.

Track time: 5 hours

Altitude difference: 1,200 m

Latschander and Schnalser Waalweg

Latsch "Waalweg" irrigation channel trail to Senales. From the roundabout in Laces, follow the Latsch "Waal" trail to Castelbello. Proceed onwards along the Schnals "Waal" trail no. 3, until you reach Castle Juval, then take the down trail to Stava. Return journey to the start off point on the Vinschger train.

Track time: 3 hours

Altitude difference: 300 m

The Dolomites

Climbing in the best known and spectacular mountains in the Alps

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Sciliar plateau
Sciliar plateau

The highest plateau in Europe, situated in the middle of the Dolomites

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Lake Monticolo
Bolzano surroundings

Cycle paths, lake Caldaro and lake Monticolo, the castles

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Merano's Alta Via
Merano's Alta Via

The path 24 encompasses the reserve of the Tessa mountains

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