Hiking in the Dolomites in Val Gardena

An excursion in Val Gardena is an unforgettable experience. More than 30 themed trails criss-cross the valley and take you on an exciting journey of discovery of its many facets.

Breathe in the fresh scent of nature walking across meadows in bloom and scraggy peaks, animals and plants titillating close.

The Naturonda route starts just above Selva di Val Gardena and courses through Città dei Sassi. This area is named after the boulders sprouting between the Swiss pines. A gigantic Adventure Park set in this spectacle of nature.

The famous Dolomite peaks in Sassolungo, Sella, Cir, Puez and Odle offer a breathtaking background for a number of unforgettable hikes.

Val Gardena
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Hiking tours
Val Gardena
Hiking tours
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Mountain huts and lodges

The opening period of the refuges tend to vary depending on the season and weather conditions. The mountain chalets and refuges are always open from the beginning of July to the mid of September.

Nordic Walking

The "Nordic Active Park" in Vallunga near Selva di Val Gardena is an innovative sports centre where the Nordic disciplines can be practiced all year round. The cross-country skiing and snowshoeing centre is set in the Natural Park Puez-Odle. It is the ideal location both for your favourite winter sports and for a snowless full-body Nordic Walking workout. Discover the stunning scenery of the park along three specific routes.

Circular path around Sassolungo

The hike starts in Sella Pass and proceeds along the legendary Federico Augusto path. It crosses the steep meadows on the southern side of the Sassolungo Group and some steep rocky slopes up to Piz da Uridl. The climb continues to the col Forcella Cialung (2113 m) and to Città dei Sassi (city of stones), then back to Sella Pass.

Duration: 6.00 - 7.00 hours

Crossing the Sassolungo Group

The hike starts from Passo Sella and heads to the Forcella del Sassolungo (2680 m). Once you've reached it, prepare for a steep climb on a rocky and partially slippery descent. Continue on the hut path until you reach path 527 on the left. Descend on the northern side of the Sassopiatto westbound to Piz da Uridl (2,101 m) until you reach Saltria. Follow path 18 from here and continue on the wide forest path across the Iender valley.

Duration: approx. 6.30 - 7.00 hours

Col de Flam

Follow Via Sacun on the left of the parish church of Ortisei. After about 100 m, turn left at the beginning of the "Path of Dialogue", which winds its way up to a huge wooden crucifix. Continue uphill. After about 40 minutes you reach the ancient San Giacomo church located on an idyllic forest clearing. From here you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view. The return leads via the hamlet of San Giacomo, where you take the trail on the left. Pass the Paul Grohmann Monument and continue to the Luis Trenker Promenade in order to get back to the starting point of the excursion.

Duration: approx. 2.00 - 2.30 hours

Ortisei circular trail

Follow the Luis Trenker path from Ortisei parish church until Coi. Upon arriving at a small supermarket take a right and follow the asphalt road to Mulin d'Odum house. Walk to the other side of the valley by crossing over the stream and follow the road taking you outside the valley, passing by the Minert farm and the Mar Dolomit swimming pool, until you reach the valley station of the Alpe di Siusi cable car. Cross the footbridge on the right to return to your starting point.

Duration: 2.00 hours

The path of legends

Behind the parish church of S. Cristina is the starting point of the "Path of the San Giacomo Legend" leading up to the church of San Giacomo, the oldest in Val Gardena. Just 40 metres of altitude difference makes it suitable for all ages. The section of trail up to the farmhouse Festil has been embellished with billboards depicting the legend of Count San Giacomo. The church is only a short distance away from the farmhouse. The trail ends with a short but steep climb.

Duration: 2.00 hours


At the parking place of Monte Pana at S. Cristina you find the starting point of the adventure trail PanaRaida. From here walk towards the Station at the bottom of the chairlift Monte Sëura to begin the path clockwise or anticlockwise. The path runs across meadows and fields and is peppered with 10 adventure stations using natural products. The unique backdrop sets the tone for the whole walk and guarantees a fun time surrounded by nature for all the family.

Duration: 1.00 hour

Around Selva di Val Gardena

The "panoramic path" of Selva di Val Gardena departs behind the Ski & Snowboard School Selva di Val Gardena and leads directly "Sai Uedli". The first part of the walk is a little bit steep, however arrived on top we get satisfied by a breathless panorama. At the sculpture we follow the path on the right that brings us to Vallunga, passing for Costabella and Risaccia.

Duration: 1.00 hours

Via Crucis to Passo Gardena

We walk on the promenade of the former train of Val Gardena to reach the part of the village called Plan. To the left of the Hotel Alpino we take the path 654 along the stream Frea following the Via Crucis. After an uphill walk of 400 metres we reach the Plans de Frea. We continue on a flat trail to reach the small church of the Alpini on Passo Gardena. The way back is along the path 653 back on the "Sela de Culac" and leads back to the starting point.

Duration: 4.30 hours

Refuge Puez

The path starts at the mountain station of the Danterceppies gondola (2298 m). It skirts the Cir peaks, then goes past the Jimmy Hut. It continues northwards to Cir Pass through boulders and pinnacles, then to the col Forcella Ciampac, on the northern side, after crossing an empty lake basin and a wide karst flatland. It eventually heads towards the Refuge Puez (2475 m) through the Gardenazza plateau, before leading down to Vallunga along the way-marked path no. 14. An easy path takes you back to Selva di Val Gardena.

Duration: approx. 5.00 - 6.00 hours

Col dala Pieres

From the parking space in Daunëi above Selva di Val Gardena follow path 17A until the Stevia mountain (2,312 m). Shortly after the hut, take a left on path 17 towards Furcella dla Piza. At the crossroads, follow path 17 to the right. From the Col dala Pieres summit prepare for a brief climb (good walking skills a must). After the summit Col dala Pieres (2,751 m), follow the Alta Via 2 to Refuge Puez. Descend to Vallunga on path 14. After the S. Silvestro church, take a right on path 26 until you return to the starting point.

Duration: approx. 7.00 hours

Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata are steep routes through the mountains that are equipped with metal cables, ladders, staples and even bridges.

Pitla Cir (2520 m) and Gran Cir (2592 m). Difficulty: easy. Starting point: Passo Gardena (2121 m). Elevation gain: approx. 500 m, climbing path approx. 150 m.

Via Ferrata Sass Rigais (3025 m) Puez-Odle. Difficulty: moderate to difficult. Starting point: upper terminus of the cableway Col Raiser (2107 m). Facilities: Refuge Firenze (2037 m). Elevation gain: approx. 1000 m, discesa ca. 1000 m, climbing path approx. 500 m.

Via Ferrata Pisciadù, Refuge Pisciadù (2583 m) nel Gruppo del Sella. Difficulty: difficult. Starting point: car park at the ropeway conveyor valley station Refuge Pisciadù (1950 m), halfway between the Passo Gardena and Colfosco. Elevation gain: approx. 600 m, climbing path approx. 400 m.

Ski mountaineering

Breathtaking views of the valley, challenging slopes and steep gorges: the Dolomites offer a wide range of opportunities to create tailored ski tours. Collect as much information as possible on the piste and snow conditions and on possible avalanche risks before undertaking any tour.

Suggested tours:

Downhill run Pordoi Pass - Val Mezdì - Val Lasties. Starting point: mountain terminal of the Sass Pordoi cable car lift. Difficulty: difficult.

Ski tour to the col Forcella Sassolungo (2686 m) descending through the col and passing Plan de Cunfin with arrival at Monte Pana and/or Sassopiatto ski tour.

"Forcella Roa" (2617 m) col ski tour. Uphill climb from Col Raiser in 2.30 hours. Downhill run to S. Cristina or Longiarù.

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