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Schloss Juval - Castel Juval

Juval Castle - Messner Mountain Museum

Since 1983, Juval Castle has been the home of Reinhold Messner, who also uses it to house works of art. There is a large collection of Tibetan objects, a gallery of paintings depicting the mountains of the world, and a collection of masks spanning four continents.

MMM Juval Castle deals with the mythological aspect of the mountain and its role within different cultures. Holy mountains around the world are illustrated.

The attached zoo completes a varied range of activities and make Juval Castle an ideal destination for the whole family.

Juval Castle can be reached with a shuttle service from the main road exit towards Juval.

Hugo von Montalban built Juval Castle on a prehistoric site in around 1278. In 1368, ownership passed to the Lords of Starkenberg. After changing hands several more times, the Sinkmoser family acquired the castle in 1540.

That was the heyday of Juval Castle: after that, the Hendl family took over title to the castle. They sold it to a farmer by the name of Josef Blaas in 1813.

The castle fell into disrepair for a century before being purchased in 1913 by a Dutch colonialist named William Rowland, who restored the building with great care.