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Kalterersee - Lago di Caldaro

Lake Caldaro in South Tyrol

Slightly to the south of the renowned wine-growing villages of Caldaro and Termeno lies the pristine lake Caldaro.

Ideal on hot summer days: a cool dip and an invigorating swim in the Lake Caldaro, which by the way is the Alpine region's warmest bathing lake and the biggest lake of South Tyrol.

Surrounded by green meadows and high mountains, and home to colourful vineyards and some of the best wines of the region, lake Caldaro has become a popular holiday destination for all who like to enjoy the finer aspects of life in relaxed surroundings.

Lake Caldaro
Lake Caldaro

There isn't a better place to go swimming than in lake Caldaro, nestled amidst the "Kalterersee" wine district. Pedal boats are available for budding seamen.

Lake Caldaro
Lake Caldaro

Windsurfers and sailors can enjoy perfect conditions every afternoon thanks to the southerly Ora wind.